Publisher's Note

By, Justin Ayars, JD 



Welcome to the Home issue of Q Virginia magazine! Although “home” is a simple, four-letter word, the feelings it evokes, the spaces in which it exists and the countless meanings underlying its architecture are incredibly complex. For some, home is a physical structure where you live. For others, it’s a place—physical or otherwise—where you feel safe and where you can be your true, authentic self. Home can also be a set of feelings that span the gamut of human emotions.  


In our Home issue, we explore deep concepts like civility, consciousness and prejudice. We share conversations with superstars, review fascinating books and discuss some great things happening across the commonwealth. We also take a deep dive into the history of Chinese New Year, investigate the Chinese zodiac and make predictions about 2019. Don't miss out on your Chinese horoscope! 


Whatever home means to you, I hope you enjoy this issue and consider subscribing to our publication at




Justin Ayars, JD

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

Justin Ayars