Flawed or Fabulous? My Top 10 "Just-the-Tips" for Holiday Decorating

By, Jesse LaVancher

Weihnachtsmann mit tanzenden Elchen - Weihnachtsdeko

It’s time to deck the halls with boughs of holly! Fa la la la la, and all that jazz. Are you worried that your decorating skills may make the yuletide fizzle? Or do you subscribe to the Liberace method of decorating: “Too much of a good thing is . . . fabulous!”? There are so many decorating “dos and don’ts” lists out there, I decided to give you the ONLY one you’ll need this season. Follow my Top 10 "Just-the-Tips” and you’ll be sure to drink the spirit—I mean, get in the holiday spirit with style and grace! Now, where did I put my eggnog?

1.   Advent calendars are just for kids anymore!

Yeah, chocolates are great. But embrace new ways to count down the days ‘til St. Nick arrives. Scented candles and airplane size bottles of booze are my faves. Don’t judge.

2.   Don’t overdo the front door decor.

Do you put so many decorations on your door that it looks more like a portal to Lady Gaga’s closet rather than a door to your humble abode? Shame! . . . Shame!! However, you can’t neglect your front door, either. Why not make it easy on yourself and go with something that won’t die? Shoo those school kids selling fresh greens away, take yourself to the store and buy something fake!

3.   Not all trees are tall and green.

Do you live in an apartment, condo, dorm room or in a broom closet? You, too, can decorate for the season! BUT, if you go for a color—like winter white—then stick with that single color for your ornaments as well. Otherwise, it’ll look like a color-blind unicorn waltzed into your small space and vomited everywhere. Not pretty.

4.   Mix and match on the mantel.

Diversity is a beautiful thing—not just in the world, but in your living room! Let different items sit together. Bring on the candlesticks, vases and ornaments. The trick is to pick one color and vary the shades. Think about how well light blue, navy and cobalt look when they stick together. Blue is always a great color for the winter!

5.   Use oversized bulbs.

Whoever said size doesn’t matter was lying! Lighten up and start thinking outside the (small) traditional box. Go big, bold and bright on the tree or hang those colorful strings along your mantel, window frames or stairway banister (the latter is especially important if you do, in fact, live in broom closet). Yes, friends—bigger IS better.

6.   Embrace vintage finds.

Break out the hand-stitched stockings, ornaments and decor. Don’t have those old knick-knacks from your great aunt Bertha? No problem! Just go out and buy them from your local craft store! Remember, there’s nothing wrong with being crafty!

7.   Don’t forget the glitter.

I love Liberace as much as the next person, but even I don’t want TOO much glitz and glam. Too many shiny objects in one place have been known to cause seizures. I read that on the internet, so it must be true. When going for something glitzy, choose one metallic object and let it “steel” the show!

8.   Don’t forget seasonal elements.

As you get festive this year, I want you to try a more rustic approach. Use bark mirrors, lanterns and pinecones. Hell, go out in the yard or a park and bring home some real nature! Just watch out for bears . . . unless that’s your thing. Rawr!

9.   Personalize your stockings.

I don’t mean with names or initials. That’s SO 20th century. Instead, stitch your stockings with your favorite hobbies, interests, vacation spots and memories! Make your stockings say something about you. After all, you’re fabulous!

10.        Don’t shy away from the classics.

I love traditional decorations! Go on and hang a homemade cranberry garland! Also, red and green look pretty darn chic in felt . . . and so do I!

11.  BONUS TIP: Always decorate with music playing in the background!

Friends don’t let friends decorate without music. Cue up Beyoncé, Brittany, Cher, Madonna, Whitney and anyone else who can get your body moving! Shake your booty while hanging balls on your tree and give your nosy neighbor, Gladys Kravitz, a reason to reach for her medicine bottle and scream, “Abner!!”


If you follow my Top 10 "Just-the-Tips,” you’ll be sure to make the yuletide festive and GA