Meet the Candidates: Jill Stein

By, Ariell Branson


Jill Stein was born in Chicago in 1950 to a Jewish family. Stein is a physician and activist. She ran for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002 and 2010, but has never held public office. She identifies as an agnostic and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University in 1973.

 The Issues

 Taxation: Stein wants a more progressive tax system and supports tax reform that helps create jobs, economic efficiencies and innovation within the small business community. She also supports reforms that eliminates loopholes and other exemptions that favor corporate and wealthy interests over tax justice. She has stated that she supports making "Wall Street, big corporations, and the rich pay their fair share of taxes."

 Immigration:  Stein opposes deportation, supports the DREAM Act and supports the creation of a legal status and path to citizenship. She says, "Our nation of immigrants needs a just immigration system that won't allow the ruling elite to divide working people. That means halting deportations, passing the DREAM Act, and creating legal status and a path to citizenship for hard-working, law-abiding undocumented immigrants. The U.S. government shouldn’t be deporting innocent families who are fleeing violence, starvation and persecution in their home countries. Forcing them to return puts them at risk of rape, torture, and death. Many have already had family members murdered or actively threatened with murder."

 Healthcare: Stein supports a “Medicare for All” single-payer public health insurance program and believes healthcare should be a human right. She said, "When you shut down the endless stream of pollution into our air, our water, our consumer products, etc., that derive from fossil fuels, we get so much healthier that it massively reduces our health care costs. And this is not just a hypothetical. This actually happened in the country of Cuba when their oil pipeline went down, so we know this is really true.”

 Education: Stein supports a "student bailout" to cancel student loan debt, advocates for tuition-free education and opposes high-stakes testing and the privatization of public schools. Stein says, “We will bail out millennials and others in student debt. We did it for the crooks on Wall Street – it’s about time to do it for the millennials and the generation held hostage in debt.”

 LGBT Rights: Stein is a longtime advocate for marriage equality and calls for greater protections against discrimination for the LGBT community.

 Trade: Stein rejects the expansion of free trade agreements. Stein said, "A free trade agreement is free if you're a corporation. But if you're a human being, it's extremely costly because it undermines wages here and also in the countries that we're in agreement here with.”

Abortion: Stein is pro-abortion rights and opposed Texas House Bill 2, the restrictive abortion law, which, among other things, required doctors who perform abortions to have hospital admitting privileges at a facility within 30 miles of where an abortion was performed.