4 Rules Of Selecting Your Signature Wedding Cocktail

Signature cocktails have burst on the scene for good a reason. The recipe creates an additional personal touch and it gives your guests an answer to the inevitable question ― “what should I order?”

1. Make it low octane. 

There are several styles of cocktails to take into consideration. One of the most popular types right now are the stirred, boozy, old fashioned drinks. These are the worst types of wedding cocktails as they’ll go down fast and pack a punch. We all love Uncle Joe, but once you stick the word “Drunk” in front of Uncle he’s not nearly as charming.  I recommend a “long” drink or a drink that has an alcohol base with a non-alcoholic mixer such as club soda or fresh juices to lower that boozy level. People will still find a way to drink enough to have a good time, trust me. 

2. Make it photogenic. 

 Have you seen a Long Island Iced Tea in the light of day? Well, it ain’t pretty. Select a drink that’s light and bright in color. You’ll thank yourself later when flipping through your wedding album. 

3. Make it easy to duplicate. 

Bartenders are some of the hardest working staff at the wedding. Make their job easier by selecting a drink they can make well and make speedily. Try to keep the recipe to about three-ish ingredients total. 

4. Make it yours. 

You still want something that most people will enjoy, it adds a touch of warmth to make it a personal recipe. Is it from your first date? Did you discover your favorite cocktail on a vacation together? Is it your go-to cocktail to enjoy after a long work-week? If people ask, and they will, the warm glow of “awwws” will be overwhelming. 

Still unsure where to start? Don’t worry ― Here are ten of my favorites to help with your research. If none of these cocktails feel personal, make one of them tonight with your fiancé and say, “I love you, here’s a drink.” You’ll feel a strong connection to the drink in no time. 

Jesse LaVancher