Pinky’s Up: It’s Tea Time!

There is so much to think about on your wedding day: the signage, the flowers, the caterer, the reception…but have you thought about what will fuel you and your bridal party from the beginning to the end of the day?  I have been a bridesmaid many times and while there are always mimosas flowing, there has often been an absence of food in the bridal suite as we enjoyed hours of pampering, having our hair, nails and makeup done.  Once hunger begins to set in, the solution is to order whatever is quickest which often means closest to the venue.  As the popularity of barn weddings and other less traditional venues continues to rise, the options for food close by continues to dwindle.  I’ve had everything from meaty sub sandwiches to chicken parmigiana, and at best I’ve felt bloated and at worst I’ve allowed some sort of sauce to drip onto my dress.  As a result, I’ve made it my mission to ensure that future bridal parties do not suffer that same fate. 

Bridal Suite Tea Service.png

 I know I feel my best when I have something delicious to snack on (something light) followed by a nice hot cup of tea to help with digestion and to create a relaxing sense of calm.  So now I bring this experience to wedding parties as they begin their big day.  This service is what we at Miss Priss Tea Co. refer to as the bridal suite tea. 

China setup.jpg

 Whether you want to sip your favorite tea from English bone china or your favorite whiskey from a highball glass, I encourage you to also consider what foods you will have available to give you the energy you’ll need for the many hours of celebration ahead (and maybe also to cushion the many glasses of alcohol).  Tea service is nice because it provides a myriad of finger foods, easy to grab and go as you walk about back and forth to get ready.  Providing snacks that can be consumed is just one or two bites prevents the likelihood of creating a mess (especially once you begin to get dressed).   You want to make sure you have a nice mix of savory and sweet selections, so there’s something to satisfy everyone’s tastes. 

 Even if tea service is not for you, nourishment is.  Make sure you add morning and afternoon meals or snacks to your wedding checklist.  And don’t skip out on your favorite, sugary indulgence… you’ll just work off those calories later on the dance floor! 

 Miss Priss Tea Co. is an upscale mobile tea parlor that seeks to bring a classic tradition back to modernity. Proudly serving Williamsburg and the Richmond region of Virginia, Miss Priss will bring the complete afternoon tea experience to your home, business, or event venue of choice.  With a wide array of antique bone china and petite bites of delicious fare typical of an English-style afternoon tea, we would be delighted to help you celebrate any special occasion. 

Justin Ayars