Old House Woods

Floating Evil Silver Ram Skull Spirit in a foggy void 3d Illustration

According to many who follow paranormal places in Virginia, Old House Woods is reportedly the most haunted place in the entire state. Old House Woods is a 50-acre plot of land located in Diggs and sits on Whites Creek across from the Chesapeake Bay. There have been so many differing paranormal experiences and sightings reported at this location that it’s hard to keep track!

For example, it’s supposedly always ten degrees cooler in the woods than outside of the woods. Many have reported seeing a concentrated green light hovering above the woods. This light has even chased some out of the woods! Other sightings include ghost pirates, ghosts of British soldiers burying old, ghosts of headless cows and a mean woman floating through the woods. Many reports describe a strong feeling of unease and even anger both in and around the woods. Some people report that they were attacked by ghostly apparitions. The most common and infamous sighting is that of a three-masted Spanish galleon ghost ship that floats above the bay and into the woods.

From ghostly pirates and soldiers to malevolent spirits and flying ghost ships, there is definitelysomething going on in Old House Woods. Do you dare to explore them for yourself?

Meredith Jenkins