Auburn Plantation - Mathews County

Floating Evil Spirit in a foggy void 3d Illustration

Located on the North River in Mathews County, Auburn Plantation was built in 1824 by Philip Tabb. It became the home of his son, Dr. Henry Wyeth Tabb, until 1863. The house saw its fair share of tragedies, the most famous being when Dr. Tabb’s daughter, Mary Eliza, fell down the grand staircase in the foyer on her wedding day. Dr. Tabb found her mangled at the bottom of the stairs and she died that evening. On that day, a new tradition in the house was born—Mary Eliza’s white leather wedding slippers were to remain in the house, handed down from each subsequent owner.

In the 1970s, John Lennon and Yoko Ono purchased the house. Being very superstitious, Yoko refused to keep Mary Eliza’s wedding slippers in the house. She even had the house exorcised and the basement filled with sand, two methods she had heard were sure-fire ways to ward off unwanted spirits. After John Lennon’s death, the plantation’s new owners spent a lot of money emptying the basement of all the sand that Yoko had placed there. Once all the sand was removed, they started hearing and seeing ghosts.

In the mid-90’s, David—the brother of one of the owners of The Inn at Tabbs Creek—had a close encounter with the ghost of Mary Eliza. Back then, he had a small catering business and was hired to do a cocktail event at Auburn on New Year’s Eve. After the festivities, David was left alone to clean up the mess. As he was finishing up, he heard a loud tumbling noise that sounded like someone had fallen down the grand staircase. He ran to the foyer to see if anyone was injured only to discover that he truly was the only person in the house… or was he? He ran out of the house, jumped in his truck and sped off littering his catering supplies all over the road. David never believed in ghosts… until that night.

Meredith Jenkins