Witch's Pond - Stafford

Creepy dark forest beside river shore on misty autumn day

Witch’s Pond is just to the right off of Telegraph Road in Stafford, Virginia. There is supposedly a sacrificial table near the pond that some people report seeing, although the table is said to be fenced off. Interestingly, a variety of people who have visited Witch’s Pond report that there are dead animals hanging from the fence around the“sacrificial”stone table, which has Latin words carved all over it.

Locals report the apparition of a woman(apparentlyknown as“Edith”)standing beside a table near Witch’s Pond. Visitors also report hearing the eerie sound of a woman screaming in the distance. Some people have reported seeing a shadow person at the pond. Others have reported getting scratched by an unseen force.

One person recounted that one of her relatives and her boyfriend had gone to Witch’s Pond three times and set up a Ouija board on a tree stump to talk with a ghost named“Ethan.”On the third visit, there were mysterious fishing hooks on the tree stump, but“Ethan”was not available to communicate. Some years later, the pair moved away from the region. While they were unpacking in their new home, the female relative found the Ouija board in a box and said,“OhI haven’t seen this in a while.” At that very moment, her boyfriend screamed in the other room. He had a fishing hook stuck in his leg.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This land is on private property. The property owner is not keen on having unannounced visitors. Many poor trespassing souls have been caught and arrested or held up at gun point. If you dare to venture to Witch’s Pond, get permission from the property owner or you could end up a sad footnote in the long and storied history of this spooky location.

Meredith Jenkins