Mid-century Modern Design Guide

By, Jesse LaVancher

Clean lines, simplicity and functionality.

These are some of the reasons why the Mid-century modern design movement—which, was propelled by post-war homeowners wanting to feel modern and futuristic—has become a timeless look. You can create that same feeling in your home, even on a budget. Here are Q Virginia’s 6 golden Rules to incorporating mid-century modern design into your home, even if it was built last year.

Home - minimal.jpg

Embrace minimalism
The heart and soul of mid-century modern Design is minimalism and functionality. Every piece in a mid-century modern room has a purpose. To get started in your own Home, get rid of all unnecessary items and Knick-knacks. To your new “blank slate,” add new pieces only when they serve a specific function.

Less is more.
In your kitchen, for example, replace curved, ornate kitchen cabinets with plain, flat wood Ones. Add sleek stainless steel and marble to Countertop surfaces and consider cork or Laminate flooring. Above all, keep the lines in your kitchen clean, simple and uncluttered.

Bold lighting
Mid-century modern artists and designers relished in the notion that art and functionality could occupy the same space. Try combining lighting that has straight, geometric lines with lighting that has curved contours. A standing lamp with tapered Legs and a white drum shade paired with a circular Bubble lamp pendant nearby makes a statement that is truly mid-century modern.

Home - tones+colors.jpg

Neutrals tones, Vibrant colors
Neutral walls, exposed wood elements and Pops of vibrant color make mid-century Modern design truly charming. Try daring Color pairings like aqua and tangerine to make a room cheerful against an overall Neutral backdrop. Pairing citrus tones with Gray furniture demonstrates a sophisticated Palate and adds warmth to a room. Embrace bold accessories (pillows, sculptures, Bowls and other interchangeable Décor) along with neutral-toned furniture so you can easily swap things around when your mood changes.

Simple Lines, Bold Patterns
When considering the fundamental elements of Mid-century modern design, embrace geometric Shapes, abstract art and starburst patterns. You can usher in bold geometric patterns and intricate designs using drapes, rugs and Audacious wallpaper. Just be sure that the bold Geometric patterns complement the room’s Clean look. Too many patterns create clutter. To ensure the proper balance between bold patterns and the ever-important neutral backdrop, the Scale should always tilt towards the latter.

Outside, Inside
Mid-century modern artists and architects pioneered the merging of design with nature. An easy way to embrace nature is to let in as much natural light as possible and bring Plants into your living spaces. Try building a Patio outside your living room by creating a Sleek and minimalistic outdoor living space that seamlessly transitions into your indoor Space. Invest in some weatherproof furniture Constructed with the same clean lines and Pops of color found in your mid-century Modern living room to create a stylish Outdoor retreat that becomes a natural Extension of your living room.

Home - wood+metal.jpg

Wood, metal
The two most essential materials you should embrace when incorporating midcentury Modern design into your home are wood and metal. Exposed wood Offers both aesthetic value and functionality. Brass is another material you should consider utilizing, whether you do so with furniture or hanging wall Sculptures. Try mixing different types of metal and wood to make your room Feel warm and approachable.

Consider purchasing an isamu noguchi coffee table, which has a wooden base And a curved glass top. This quintessential mid-century modern piece perfectly Unifies natural elements and makes a bold statement in your living room. Other Classics include the popular eames lounger and the amazing array of George Nelson clocks. If you don’t have the budget for these high-end décor pieces, check out your local flea market for some authentic mid-century modern Finds. You may stumble upon four 1950s peg legs that you can affix to a piece of Furniture you already own! From vases and coffee tables to artwork and simple Side tables, pick out what you love and let it become the star of the room.