An Opinion Piece: Give Love in Real Life a Chance

By Yasir Afzal

Currently, most Americans women marry at the age of 27 and most American men marry at the age of 29. This gap from age 21 to 29 allows for a new phase of life most Millennials are currently enjoying: emerging adulthood. This is the phase where young adults can focus on their own personal goals. Instead of getting married and buying a house in the suburbs, Americans are now choosing to live alone, moving to inclusive cities and spending their money enjoying the renaissance that urban centers are enjoying across the nation. The social stigma of having relationships before marriage is changing—dating and even living together before getting hitched is now the new normal. In many respects, technology is fundamentally changing the perceptions people have towards love and the institution of marriage.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

While the institution of marriage isn't going anywhere, the rate at which people are getting married is drastically changing. With the introduction of online dating and the speed at which it is advancing, relationships are changing before our very eyes. Since one in three new relationships start online, it might be that online dating will become the barometer by which we measure all of our relationships. However, the online world is a vast and unknown realm that humanity has just begun to understand.

Online dating is an extremely useful tool to close the gap between you and someone else out there, but the risks may not outweigh the rewards. The best course of action is to take your time when deciding whether to meet up with someone you met online. In your personal search, does quality trump quantity? As with anything, it depends on what you’re seeking. Despite being a Millennial who is supposed to be obsessed with technology, I often wonder what happened to the days of going out to a public space and striking up a conversation with a complete stranger? This practice for meeting new acquaintances, friends and loves has worked for thousands of years, so why can’t it still? Despite there being no “swipe left” in real life, I encourage everyone to get out into the real world and meet new people. You just might surprise yourself.