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AIRES (March 21 – April 20)

Element: Fire
Ruling Planets: Mars
Erogenous Zones: Head, face
Birthstone: Diamond

Lucky Day: Tuesday

Lucky Color: Red

Represented By: Ram

Best Traits: Brave, thoroughly unjaded, energetic
Worst Traits: Oblivious, dominating, dangerously impulsive


Rams are extremely egoistic, adventurous and ambitious; yet, they are concerned and loyal people. They are absolute path-breakers and pioneers by their thought and action. They are the ones who can be safely called “Born Leaders.” Being brutally blunt and inborn leaders, they often land into problems by lunging into something without considering all of the pros and cons at play. Aries’ spontaneous reaction to situations can be both their greatest strength, and their Achilles’ heel.


Aries Characteristics:

·       Courageous

·       Energetic

·       Optimistic

·       Enterprising

·       Independent

·       Impatient

·       Egoistic

·       Vain

·       Jealous

·       Impulsive


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TAURUS (April 21-May 20)

Element: Earth
Ruling Planets: Venus
Erogenous Zones: Neck
Birthstone: Emerald

Lucky Day: Friday

Lucky Colors: Pastel shades of pink, pale blue and green

Represented By: Bull

Best Traits: Sensual, strong, steady
Worst Traits: Stubborn, stupid, a slave to the TV


Bulls are known by their sincerity and innate amount of perseverance. These are people who are famed for their determination and perseverance in every walk of life. Since their ruling planet is Venus, they are extremely sensual in nature. They love to enjoy the good life and, at the same time, are dogged and stubborn in their allegiance. They are some of the most dedicated people in the universe. Although not intellectual in nature, they are keenly sharp and practical. Sometimes, their virtue can become their vice—they can become fixed and unwavering in their own beliefs. However, they make for caring partners who shower their lovers with gifts and affection.


Taurus Characteristics:

·       Patient

·       Reliable

·       Warm-hearted

·       Caring

·       Persistent

·       Inflexible

·       Rebellious

·       Obstinate

·       Unoriginal

·       Argumentative


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GEMINI (May 21-June 21)

Element: Air
Ruling Planets: Mercury
Erogenous Zones: Hands, arms
Birthstone: Agate

Lucky Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Lucky Color: Yellow

Represented By: Twins

Best Traits: Curious, clever, adaptable
Worst Traits: Shallow, sarcastic, cold


Twins are known for their split personalities. Their dual nature makes them inconsistent and often confused as to what they want. On one hand, Geminis can be extremely social and fun; on the other hand, they can quickly do an about-face and become serious and glum. Interestingly, Geminis can feel the dual emotions of love and hate simultaneously—so much so, that their true feelings can remain enigmatic even to themselves. To be or not to be is their quintessential dilemma. Despite their dichotomous nature, Geminis possess an amazing acumen of insight into any situation. They are by nature talkative, curious and energetic. They also possess a sharp wit and an even sharper sense of humor. 


Gemini Characteristics:

·       Versatile

·       Communicative

·       Witty

·       intellectual

·       Enthusiastic

·       Inconsistent

·       Superficial

·       Indecisive

·       Anxious

·       Cunning


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CANCER (June 22-July 22)

Element: Water
Ruling Planets: Moon
Erogenous Zones: Chest
Birthstone: Pearls

Lucky Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

Lucky Colors: Silvery blue, smoky grey

Represented By: Crab

Best Traits: Loving, sensitive, affectionate
Worst Traits: Clingy, manipulative, guilt-inducing


Crabs are extremely intuitive and sentimental. They are sensitive and deeply care about their home and family. For them, home, loved ones and creature comforts matters more than anything else. Cancers will go out of their way to help others. They are also known to avoid conflict at all costs, which makes them quiet, reserved about their feelings and unwilling to rock the boat on any issue. They often experience mood swings and can get annoyed or depressed for no apparent reason. Cancers generally stay loyal and true to their mates, showering them with love, affection and gifts. 


Cancer Characteristics:

·       Loyal

·       Caring

·       Dependable

·       Responsive

·       Adaptable

·       Moody

·       Possessive

·       Selfish

·       Narcissistic

·       Over sensitivity


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LEO (July 23-August 22)

Element: Fire
Ruling Planets: Sun
Erogenous Zones: Back
Birthstone: Ruby

Lucky Days: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday

Lucky Colors: Orange, yellow

Represented By: Lion

Best Traits: Loyal, loving, good leader
Worst Traits: Bossy, pompous, vain


Lions are truly fierce, bold and royal in their approach to life. They are extremely warm hearted, impressive and possess a deep magnetism. They exude creativity, confidence, ambition, intelligence and positive thinking in all spheres of life. They are also the most authoritative and masculine amongst all the signs of the zodiac. It’s pretty easy to pick them out in a crowd. Their enthusiastic energy, personal magnetism and purposeful strength allows them to accomplish anything they undertake. Their never-give-up attitude helps them turn their failures into positive stepping stones. Leos are independent and seek both social power and status. In matters of love, they can be tender and loving yet, at the same time, be demanding and outspoken.


Leo Characteristics:

·       Courageous

·       Passionate

·       Loyal

·       Creative

·       Influential

·       Dominating

·       Arrogant

·       Stubborn

·       Self-centered

·       Lazy


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VIRGO (August 23-September 22)

Element: Earth
Ruling Planets: Mercury
Erogenous Zones: Stomach
Birthstone: Sapphire

Lucky Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Lucky Colors: Green, dark brown

Represented By: Virgin

Best Traits: Thoughtful, clever, industrious
Worst Traits: Anal retentive, petty, cheap


Virgins are perfectionists. They are critical and scathing about most ideas, thoughts and situations, which can make them extremely irritable and even despicable to other people. However, Virgos are extremely methodical efficient. Their natural attention to detail, methodical approach to life and overall cautious disposition makes them one of the most particular signs of the zodiac. They possess great finesse in both speaking or writing. Their lives are often clouded by a great sense of responsibility. Virgos cannot be deceived by shows of gallantry or devotion. Being observant and intelligent, they don’t just seek the truth—they will find it.


Virgo Characteristics:

·       Meticulous

·       Perfectionist

·       Trustworthy

·       Dutiful

·       Hardworking

·       Inflexible

·       Conventional

·       Temperamental

·       Critical

·       Interfering


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LIBRA (September 23-October 22)

Element: Air
Ruling Planets: Venus
Erogenous Zones: Lower back, buttocks
Birthstone: Opal

Lucky Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Lucky Colors: Pink, pale green, various shades of blue

Represented By: Scales

Best Traits: Romantic, artistic, even-tempered
Worst Traits: Passive-aggressive, indecisive, lazy


Represented by two-sided scales, Libras are true balancers that also have two sides to their personality. Unlike Geminis, they don’t let their dichotomy come out. Despite being supremely balanced and level-headed, Libras can have a mean streak. They oscillate between heightened activity and complete inactivity. Libras have a deep fear of being alone. By trying to be just and fair all the time, they sometimes forget that they can have their own opinions. Because their ruling planet is Venus, they love beautiful things and harmony. For them, quality of life is more important than the quantity of life. They surround themselves with nature, art, music and beautiful things. They are the most intelligent of all the zodiac signs. Libras are excellent communicators, leaders and lovers.


Libra Characteristics:

·       Balanced

·       Diplomatic

·       Romantic

·       Charming

·       Affectionate

·       Indecisive

·       Susceptible

·       Aloof

·       Reckless

·       Hasty


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SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)

Element: Water
Ruling Planets: Pluto, Mars
Erogenous Zones: Genitalia

Birthstone: Onyx

Lucky Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Lucky Colors: Deep red, maroon

Represented By: Scorpion
Best Traits: Emotional depth, charismatic, driven
Worst Traits: Domineering, secretive, extreme mood swings


Scorpions are one of the most fierce and stinging signs of the zodiac. They can be extremely passionate and also fairly assertive. They will always be determined and decisive. Scorpios are emotional people who will lead from the front and take responsibilities on themselves. They can also be mysterious and guarded, often holding many secrets in their heart. They can be conniving, egotistical, vengeful and zealous. However, Scorpios are great leaders, diplomatic, sensitive, engaging and highly intuitive. They are also fantastic lovers, inquisitive and eager to learn.


Scorpio Characteristics:

·      Attractive

·      Passionate

·      Assertive

·      Trustworthy

·      Friendly

·      Dominating

·      Vengeful

·      Temperamental

·      Stubborn

·      Malicious


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SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)

Element: Fire
Ruling Planets: Jupiter
Erogenous Zones: Thighs, hips
Birthstone: Turquoise

Lucky Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Lucky Colors: Rich purples, dark blues

Represented By: Centaur

Best Traits: Optimistic, fun, high-spirited
Worst Traits: Brutally honest, morally slippery, conquest-oriented


Centaurs are seekers of truth and tend to meander and wander aimlessly. They are deeply immersed in philosophy and religion. Sagittarians are adventurers at heart and can travel miles in order to seek answers. They also have a certain amount of duality in their character. They can be atheists, yet fanatics; serious, yet tactless. Being spirituals, Sagittarians are optimists who are immune to criticisms. They love to fix problems and give advice. Sagittarians are independent at heart and constantly seek change. They are even-tempered and extremely well-adjusted. They can be rude and refuse to budge from their views, even when they are wrong. However, they are also extremely helpful and dutiful to their loved ones. 


Sagittarius Characteristics:

·      Cheerful

·      Energetic

·      Optimistic

·      Helpful

·      Ambitious

·      Restless

·      Inflexible

·      Unemotional

·      Dual Character


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CAPRICORN (December 22-January 20)

Element: Earth
Ruling Planets: Saturn
Erogenous Zones: Knees
Birthstone: Obsidian

Lucky Days: Friday, Tuesday, Saturday

Lucky Colors: Subdued dark green, grey, black, brown

Represented By: Goat

Best Traits: Ambitious, dry wit, patient
Worst Traits: Opportunistic, overly cautious, depressing


Goats are the most determined sign of the zodiac. They are independent, aware of all their qualities and are completely sure of themselves. They are superbly ambitious, focused and can move mountains to achieve their goals. Sometimes they are perceived as ambitious and ruthless. Although they are willing to take risks, their moves are always calculated rather than spontaneous. Capricorns appear to be calm and collected; however, deep inside they are a veritable volcano about to erupt. They are also tender and caring. Their natural deep sense of responsibility can extend to feeling that they are responsible for everything. They put up a hard exterior as a rigid self-defense mechanism. Capricorns believe that life is an opportunity and will always seize the day.


Capricorn Characteristics:

·      Trustworthy

·      Dependable

·      Realistic

·      Classicist

·      Humorous

·      Rigid

·      Dictatorial

·      Doubtful

·      Ambitious

·      Boring


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AQUARIUS (January 21-February 18)

Element: Air
Ruling Planets: Uranus
Erogenous Zones: Ankles, calves
Birthstone: Amethyst

Lucky Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Lucky Colors: Electric blue, turquoise

Represented By: Water bearer

Best Traits: Brilliant, optimistic, innovative
Worst Traits: Cold, strident, contrary


Water bearers are humanitarian and deeply intent on making the world a better place. They are philosophers and visionary souls. Aquarians are sensitive and vulnerable. They are often associated with lot of organizations and clubs. Despite being surrounded by many, in reality they are lonely people who have very few true friends. Aquarians are extremely good communicators, so long as the topic at hand does not exceed their own mental realms. They have an unusual capacity of picking up things quickly and are innately curious about everything around them. However, their curiosity can cause them to focus on a single thing for too long, thus making it difficult to complete tasks.


Aquarius Characteristics:

·      Witty

·      Intelligent

·      Innovative

·      Spontaneous

·      Honest

·      Inquisitive

·      Obstinate

·      Sarcastic

·      Aloof

·      Unemotional


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PISCES (February 19-March 20)

Element: Water
Ruling Planets: Neptune
Erogenous Zones: Feet
Birthstone: Bloodstone

Lucky Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

Lucky Color: Soft sea green

Represented By: Fish

Best Traits: Compassionate, imaginative, intuitive
Worst Traits: Manipulative, escapist, passive

Fish are the most emphatic and independent sign of the zodiac. They are patient, gentle, generous, emotional and, usually, quite popular. Pisceans value human relationships above all else. Despite being popular and valuing human emotions, they prefer solitude. These people are religious and devout. They are extremely intuitive, tolerant and have a latent artistic talent. Their intuitive and artistic nature tends to cause Pisceans to live in their own imaginary world. They are dreamers and tend to see a world which may or may not bear any resemblance to reality. If faced with harsh realism, they would rather retreat into their own minds. 


Pisces Characteristics:

·      Compassionate

·      Artistic

·      Adaptable

·      Imaginative

·      Gentle

·      Inconstant

·      Idle

·      Escapist

·      Fearful

·      Sad