How to Throw a Rockin’ NYE Party Without Breaking the Bank

By, Jesse LaVancher

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Are you throwing a NYE party but don’t have a lot of cash? With a little planning and creativity, you can throw an awesome, yet inexpensive, bash to ring in the New Year! Follow these 10 frugal tips and start counting down to 2017!  

1.     Host the Party at Home

Don’t rent out some expensive place for your party; rather, have it at your house or apartment! This isn’t just cheaper, but it’s more comfortable for you and your guests.

2.     Keep the Guest List Small

Not only will you spend less money on a smaller party, but the intimacy of the celebration gives everyone the chance to connect with each other.

3.     Accept Guests’ Offers to Help

You don’t have to plan your party alone! Some of your guests will undoubtedly offer to help. Take them up on their offer and have them get party supplies like streamers, napkins and noisemakers. Also, ask them what they might be able to bring food-wise. Some might have an easy dish they can whip-up in no time and bring to the party.

4.     Disposable Plates/Cups vs. What You Have on Hand

Disposable plates and cups make cleanup a snap, but they cost more than using what you have in your cupboard. I suggest you mix-and-match plates, bowls and glasses that you have at home to create a festive and trendy vibe. How frugal chic!

5.     The Dollar Store is Your Best Friend

Learn this lesson well: the dollar store is your best friend. From napkins to decorations, you simply can’t go wrong. Period.

6.     Don’t Take Down your Holiday Decorations before NYE

Your December holiday décor is the perfect festive backdrop for your NYE party. That way you can spend next to nothing on additional NYE decorations (which you will get at the dollar store, of course).

7.     Make a homemade photo booth

Everyone loves photo booths. However, renting one is expensive. Instead, make your own by hanging a sheet for a backdrop and putting out a bin of props (see Tip #5). Apps such as Pocketbooth will let your guests print and mail pics. Say cheese!

8.     Don’t Make a Big Meal

NYE parties tend to start later, so there’s no need to make a big meal for everyone. Instead, make some easy appetizers, like meatballs in the slow cooker, and a few simple desserts. A cheese and cracker tray is a great, inexpensive way to feed your guests if you buy chunk cheese and slice it yourself.

9.     Ask everyone to bring their favorite drink

Alcohol is expensive. Especially the good stuff. Instead of shelling out hundreds of bucks on booze, ask your guests to bring their favorite bottle and mixers to share. This gives everyone the chance to try new cocktails and provides guests with a sense of ownership of the party, too. “Why, yes, Jeannie. I did bring that bottle of Blanton’s. Doesn’t the flavor dance on your tongue like a ballerina in The Nutcracker?” Oh, and if there is Blanton’s at your party, be sure to invite me. K, thanks!

Also, be sure you how everyone plans on getting home safely. Is anyone a designated driver? Are people calling an Uber? Are people staying at your place (which, is great because they can help with clean-up the next day)? Don’t wait till the wee hours of the morning and try to talk a drunk person out of driving home. That never ends well.

10.  Have a Plan for when the Clock Strikes Midnight

The highlight of the evening is obviously ringing in the New Year. Plan in advance how you want to mark the moment. Will you turn on the TV and watch the ball drop? Will you do your own countdown? Make sure you have the traditional song “Auld Lang Syne” ready to play as you ring in the new year and, if your budget allows, plenty of champagne to pass around. Also, be sure to have someone to kiss at the magic moment. That won’t cost you an

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