Right Glass for Your Beer

By, Carley Ford


Wine has different glasses for different types, so why doesn’t your beer? The answer is, it does. Certain type of glasses can accentuate different aromas and tastes that a regular pint glass won’t be able to.

Aroma plays a big key in taste so having the right glass for your beer will bring that out. The aroma is trapped in the head of the beer and if it’s not served properly it can bubble away. Brewers intend on certain aromas to be given away with certain beers.

Big hoppy beers should be served in tulip-shaped glass. The strong aromas these beers give off will benefit from this glass. The shape gives lots of room for your nose to get in there and get to smelling. The glass can have either smooth curves or hard angles that will keep the aroma right in the bowl of the glass.

Wheat beers require a glass called a “snifter.” It’s curved middle that narrows as it gets to the top and is designed to keep the head of the beer intact. This secures the aroma to the top of the glass so that when you go for that first sip you can breath it all in.

Two of the most common glass are the pint and the mug. The two should only be used for low-alcohol session beers that plan to be gulped down. Both glasses have a simple design. A pint glass starts off with a somewhat skinnier cylindrical shape that widens as it goes. And a mug has a wide cylindrical shape with a handle on the side. The thickness of the glass helps insulate your brew to keep it cold. The handle keeps your hand away from the glass so that you won’t warm it up.

Another popular glass is a tasting or sampling glass. These are smaller glasses whose purpose is to be just that. They are made to that size for you to sample a beer without getting intoxicated. They can hold anywhere from 2.5 to 6 ounces of beer. If you’re going to a new brewery, these are perfect for sampling a couple of their draft beers.

So the next time you go out to your local brewery or a bar don’t just settle for a regular mug,  see if they have the right glass designed for your beer. If they do that probably means you're at a right type of bar.