The Correct Way To Concert

Katy Perry performing her song "Thinking of You," during her Witness tour. 

Katy Perry performing her song "Thinking of You," during her Witness tour. 

By, Kyle Bevenour

Music is universal. There are many different types and genres from which to choose from. With the prevalence of smart phone and laptops, people can now access music from virtually everywhere. While listening to music via these devices is fun, the ultimate adrenaline rush is seeing one of your favorite artists in concert live.

People participate in today’s concerts differently from the past. Recording devices allows people to capture pictures and videos. People attending live concert should practice mindfulness and allow themselves to be fully immersed in the live experience.  

Many artists release music and go on tour in the summer. To help you get the most out of your next concert experience reflect on the tips listed below.

1) Limit Phone Use 

This works great if you are with a friend and you can monitor how long each of you spend been on your phone.

 2) Turn. Off. Your. Phone.

This is a tough one. This means that the phone is off and in your pocket for the entire concert. This again works best with a friend.

3) Hone Your Senses

Consider five things you can see, hear, smell, feel and (sometimes) taste during the concert to ground yourself in the experience.

Live concerts are a unique experience. Although technological tools are beneficial and allow you to capture memories try to spend time in the moment.