5 Antiquing Hot Spots in Cville

Antiquing. Some call it a passion. Others a sport. For me, it’s an obsession. Whenever I’m in Charlottesville on a weekend, I find myself searching for records, vintage clothing and hundreds of other random and unique knick-knacks that I never knew I absolutely had to have! These five antique stores give their customers a walk through the past with the abundant history and timelessness held in each and every item.

1. Circa

I adore Circa. It is my most frequently visited antique store, not only because of their convenient location right next to C’ville Coffee (I need to stay caffeinated), but because they have three buildings in a row full of antiques. The business is family-run and everybody there is always friendly and willing to help. Because of the high turnover of their inventory, new items come into Circa every day, so their selection is always new and unique.

Old, Victorian, gilded, decorative frame with a mirror, baroque, rococo, the Renaissance

2. Patina Antiques, Etc.

Patina is a three-story house that sits approximately half a mile from the Downtown Mall. Each room in this antique wonderland is filled with creative and exceptional items including pictures, furniture, clothing and so much more. I believe that the majority of people who visit will leave with an antique treasure of their own.

Pro Tip: While there is an entrance on East High Street, they have a parking lot off of 11th Street NE.

3. Low Vintage Clothing

While you can find antique furniture at Low on the Downtown Mall, they really specialize in clothing and accessories. If you like to rock out in 50’s dresses and 70’s denim, this is the place for you! My favorite section is toward the back and is stocked with hundreds of great albums from various decades and genres.

4. Oyster House Antiques

Oyster House Antiques has a warehouse on Preston Avenue and a main retail shop on the Downtown Mall. Their inventory is inspired by China and the environment seems to take you there as soon as you step in the store. You’ll find loads of furniture in their warehouse and the staff there is both knowledgeable and helpful. The retail store’s convenient location in between Citizen Burger and the Jefferson Theater makes it a great place to stop by when you’re spending a day on the Downtown Mall!

Rows of Keys on Heavily Used Antique Cash Register with Buttons for Dollar Amount, Received on Account, Charge and Paid Out

5. Ike’s Underground

Ike’s Underground Vintage Clothing and Strange Cargo is hidden under the Tea Bazaar on the Downtown Mall. Without a doubt, you can find some of the most interesting and curious items in this shop. The first time I wandered into Ike’s, I felt like I was on a treasure hunt because everything seemed so mysterious and hidden. This is definitely a true “hole-in-the-wall” in Charlottesville’s antique scene. When you stumble down this enchanting rabbit hole, you’re in for an experience you’ll never forget!

Jerome West