Never a Dull Moment

By, Anna Huff, PhD and Teresa Reyes Castillo, PhD 



“I’m sorry ma’am. Who did you say took your stuff?” asked the police officer, as he leaned back in his desk chair. 


“Metatron,” said the Seer. 


The police officer glanced up from his piece of paper. “I’m sorry ma’am. Can you spell that for me?” Pen held in suspense. 


“M-E-T-A-T-R-O-N,” said the Seer, full composure maintained. 


The officer dropped his pen on his notepad, crossed his arms, and asked, “and who exactly is that?” The only thing written on his piece of paper was, “M.. E.. T.. A.. T.. R.. O.. N..?” 


“He’s kind of like Michael the Archangel. They said he's the guardian of the shungite room and that he stole my box.” She counter-crossed her arms, confident and calm. 


“Right, ma’am. I’m trying to figure out what I can do here. What’s in the box?” he asked. 


She excitedly replied, “My divination cards!” Incredulity seeped in on the officer’s face. She tried to add in for comfort, “… they gave me my zero gravity chairs …” 


“It all came down to two forensic psychologists, a shunghite room, divination cards and zero gravity chairs.” said the Seer as she told us her story.  


We laughed so hard. Who tells a cop these sorts of things? Welcome to our lives—if there’s ever an unsurprising or routine day, we usually question what’s gone wrong. We used to be two psychology students, obedient and observant, sitting at our desks in Fresno, California, intrigued and curious as we stared up at our professors. Now, we work in NYC alongside a medium, clairvoyant and healer. Who knew our paths would take us here? 


If we just run down our odd list of identifiers, we’re not exactly mainstream. One of us from good ole’ Arkansas and one from beautiful Peru. Our work is based in intuition and expanding consciousness, helping our society to grow to a new state of well-being. Oh yeah, did we mention we are married clinical forensic psychologists? Talk about a relationship twist—never a dull (or unanalyzed) moment. And we work with a dear friend, Theresa Galuszka, whom we like to call the Seer. Think ancient wisdom with a powerful and compassionate twist. 


It took us a while to adjust to this lifestyle—to walk through the first door of consciousness and welcome all it had to bring. We even wrote about it in our book, Awaken Love, which has been described as an authentic roadmap for breaching the first door of consciousness. Given our book provides an honest portrayal of our journey together through that magical door, we often think back and wonder how to explain what it is like to become “woke.” And then we giggle that this is becoming mainstream and a “cool” thing to do. I mean, why not? The more, the merrier!  


Urban Dictionary says, “Getting woke is like being in The Matrix and taking the red pill." And it’s so true. We definitely took the red pill.  


After the Metatron incident, we and the Seer decided to live near one another in the same apartment complex, knowing we needed each other’s support. As the transition into the new year happened, we had become gravely ill. The illness seemingly penetrating our physical bodies and energetic fields. The illness came on like a thunderbolt and completely shook our world. We were wiped. We were grateful that when one of us was extremely sick, the other was feeling better and vice versa. Our ebb and flow helped us journey through our illness. 


As we told the Seer about our illness, we began to understand. We were releasing aspects from multiple dimensional spaces and releasing wounds from our ancestry. This was definitely a purge. Tolerating an illness is one thing—understanding an illness is another. Other cultures examine and discuss cleansing blood lines more readily; ours, not so much. It’s the sensation of being sick and feeling like way more is happening to you than a simple virus. Or being sick and watching various family members mirror your symptoms. 


And after all, this was our journey—an ongoing trek, alongside many others, to bring our world into a greater understanding and perspective of what life means, of what our home can truly be in a greater sense. And that meant purging, which was leading us into further spiritual awakening. 


The Seer offered us an energy healing to help ease the pain of the transition. As she prepared for the session, she turned on a guided meditation. We were snuggled in, ready to feel a better. The woman on the recording introduced herself and began calling in all sorts of Archangels.  


Then she said, “… and for his strength, we call in Archangel Metatron.”  


And in that moment, we couldn’t control it. We all burst out laughing. Thank goodness for the universe’s sense of humor. Metatron had returned. 


The coincidences and synchronicities that occur in life typically have meaning behind them. Archangel Metraton is said to be both mortal and divine. He was once on Earth as a prophet and was then brought into the heavens as an Archangel. And so, another layer of our understanding came in. This wasn’t just about purging. This was about embracing a new layer of consciousness. 


Consciousness is about expanded perception and awareness, learning to live and engage in life in a different way. It’s about learning to live life to the fullest. Embracing who you are and what your path has to bring. The first door of consciousness—it’s like welcoming a home that you have such a faint sense of belonging to, yet aren’t quite sure what it is. A home that has a deeper meaning within yourself and within the collective. A greater sense of more, of expansion.  


Our multi-faceted layers as human beings can bring us into such beautiful inter-connectivity with one another and with spirituality or the divine. The connection that we all have as people, with one another, for one another and with a greater spiritual collective. The connection that provides a deeper sense of the word home. The same home that even the inter-dimensional light beings have … but maybe we’ll save that story for another time. Happy connectivity and magazine reading y’all! 



Photo courtesy of Anna Huff, PhD and Teresa Reyes Castillo, PhD

Photo courtesy of Anna Huff, PhD and Teresa Reyes Castillo, PhD

Anna Huff, PhD and Teresa Reyes Castillo, PhD are licensed clinical psychologists who run an intuitive practice in New York, NY. They go one step beyond psychology as we know it, expanding consciousness and connectivity and supporting the path and process of spiritual awakening.  


Anna Huff, PhD