5 Things to Know about Attending a Destination Wedding

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 Since it’s likely the majority of your guests have never attended a destination wedding, they are probably unsure of the proper etiquette. While you could answer each of your guests directly, try sharing this brief article first. Here are the five things that every guest should know when attending a destination wedding. 


You don’t have to bring a gift.

While it’s nice to bring a congratulatory card, it doesn’t have to contain a check. The happy couple knows the sacrifices you had to make to celebrate with them and don’t expect anything in return. 

The travel dates may not be flexible. If you can’t travel the whole time, it’s best to check with the travel agent to see what arrangements can be made. Depending on the hotel, there may be a minimum night stay requirement that makes the arrival and departure dates firm. 

 You should attend all activities unless noted as optional. Most couples will plan pre-wedding activities including excursions and dinners. You should plan on attending all of them, unless they are noted as optional, since the couple has already paid on your behalf. 

 Don’t assume it’s casual. A common misconception is that a destination wedding is more casual than a local one. However, this is not always the case. Be sure to read the couple’s invitation and website carefully to ensure you’re dressed appropriately. 

 Always be considerate of the couple’s time. Even though you’ve traveled thousands of miles to celebrate with the couple, it’s still their wedding week and they will have lots of last-minute tasks to take care of. While they will make every effort to spend as much time with each guest as possible, it may not be as much time as you had hoped and thought. 

Justin Ayars