A Straight Man Walks Into A Gay Wedding

By Tim Crumbly

When I woke up early in the day, being a young single male, I didn’t know much of what to expect from a wedding expo, much less the first ever LGBTQ wedding expo hosted by Q Virginia and Richmond Weddings. I arrived with the other volunteers very early and we helped unload the vendors supplies and assisted as they setup their booths, transforming the room from an empty ballroom into an incredibly beautiful showroom.


As the guest started arriving many of them stopped to get a picture at the red carpet outside the door to be a part of this monumental occasion. When I finally got the chance to walk around the room I went straight for the catering booths first. Let me tell you that I am not one to like coleslaw on my barbecue sandwiches but after one taste may have just converted me. Beautiful wedding photos, lighting fixtures, and many other decorations were all being shown through the whole room. Halfway into the expo when the DJ brought down the music to announce that we had a guest speaker for the occasion! Carol Schall and her daughter who are a part of Virginia’s battle for marriage equality in the famous Bostic v. Rainey case came to speak. It was humbling to be a part of something that was so historic. Carol and her daughter spoke of what life was like for them and the struggles they faced, and how in Virginia we have overcame just so they could declare themselves as wife and wife.  I felt as though I was getting to witnessing something that could be in history books!

Walking away at the end of the day I feel that I had great insight on what to expect from future wedding expos. That there truly was no difference between a gay wedding expo and a straight wedding expo. People came together to celebrate a wonderful time in a couple’s life, and the vendors clearly showed that they were there to support couples of all kinds! Even though a wedding might be far off for me, I felt as though I was part of something bigger than myself when I left that day! I’m so happy that Q Virginia and Richmond weddings put on such an amazing event.