Having A Gay Old Time: The Same-Sex Marriage Royal Wedding

By, Kyle Bevenour

The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle is not the only Royal Wedding happening in 2018. The Royal Wedding made headlines as the first interracial marriage in the Royal Family. This summer, for the first time in history, the Royal Family will experience a same-sex wedding.

Q Virginia Royal Same Sex Wedding.JPG

Lord Ivan Mountbatten will marry his fiancé, James Coyle. Mountbatten is the third cousin of Queen Elizabeth and a descendant of Queen Victoria. He is the first Royal Family member to identify as a gay male. Mountbatten and his former wife, Penny Mountbatten, have three children. The wedding ceremony will occur in a chapel on  Mountbatten’s private estate in the city of Devon. Penny Mountbatten fully supports her former husband’s same-sex marriage and will walk him down the aisle. While the Royal Family will not attend the wedding ceremony, they give Mountbatten their full support.

The 2016 British census found that more than 60 percent of Brits do not find anything wrong with same-sex marriage. Marriage equality is legal in the United Kingdom, except in Northern Ireland where same-sex couples are limited to civil partnerships.

Jonathan Thomas reported on the Royal Family and the monarchy throughout his career. He believes that Mountbatten’s marriage to James Coyle will encourage other same-sex couples in the United Kingdom to tie the knot. Thomas explains, “change happens a lot around the edges, and as people further from the center make changes, these will increase toward the center.”

Mountbatten and Coyle’s wedding will act as a catalyst for marriage equality within the United Kingdom. Their wedding will continue to enforce the universal message that love is love.