Grow: Your Guide to Wedding Flowers

Background of Beautiful flower wedding decoration

By, Jesse La Vancher

You don’t have to be a botanist to pick the right flowers for your wedding! Here’s a quick guide:


Represents: Anticipation

The inspiration for D. H. Lawrence’s poem “Purple Anemones,” the anemone is a stunning flower that comes in colors from radiant red, simple white, and a deep purple. They are priced at an average rate and in season fall through spring, depending on the region.

Baby’s Breath

Represents: Purity and Innocence

Used to occupy neutral space in bouquets. Can also be used for boutonnieres and corsages and are available year-round. Baby’s breath is inexpensive and its scentless nature won’t interfere with other scents in your flower scheme.   

Calla Lily

Represents: Regality

Want to feel even more like royalty on your big day?  If you invest in calla lilies, chances are you’ll be paying royal prices.

Warning: In some cultures, the calla lilies represent death and are used at funerals. Make sure it is made clear what you intend the meaning to be before the ceremony. Also keep the plant away from small children or animals, as it is poisonous if ingested.


Represents: Admiration (Lighter Red), All-Consuming Love (Dark Red), Pure Love (White)

Beautiful and inexpensive, carnations are a perfect addition to bouquets or other wedding accessories. They are available all year long and have a light scent. 


Represents: Wealth and abundance 

“Mums” come in a variety of colors and are used for arrangements and bouquets. Like carnations, they are also great for your budget and available at any time of the year.


Represents: Regard

Exclusive to spring, daffodils are a great pop of color to gardens or to place as decorations on your tables in a vase.


Represents: Purity and innocence

Pure white, gardenias are best used in bouquets. Beware, they often attract ants due to their strong fragrance and can be expensive.


Represents: Understanding

A treasure of the spring and fall, hydrangeas can be used in bouquets and arrangements. Check your budget before buying too many hydrangeas, as they are higher in price.


Represents: Faith and wisdom

Best for potted arrangements or bouquets, irises are available in spring. Depending on the variety (white, blue, or the more exotic purple), irises can be priced moderately or dip into pricey territory. Irises are also fragrant.


Represents: First sparks of love

A friendly light purple, lilacs have a signature popular fragrance. Lilacs are available all year, but the imported lilacs could be more expensive than in the spring.


Represents: Dignity and Nobility

Feeling strong and want something subtly southern? Magnolias are proud flowers with a dominant personality and scent to match. They are great for bouquets!


Represents: Passion, love (Red), Purity, joy (White)

Roses are a classic! Depending on the variety and color, some roses will have a stronger smell than others. Price will also be determined this way.

Warning: Yellow roses are widely considered to symbolize friendship and sometimes jealousy.


Represents: Adoration, haughtiness

Perfect for an outdoor fall wedding, sunflowers can be used to decorate the altar and to be carried down the aisle with you! As a bonus, they’re affordable when in season.


Spring tulips

Represents: Love and passion

Though fragile, tulips smell sweet and are great for a spring wedding.