5 Things to do Right After You Get Married

From the time you get engaged until the day you say, “I Do,” there are endless tasks you have to accomplish. Over the next few months your wedding planner will appear in your call log more times than your bestie and you’ll make more decisions about colors, fabrics, fonts and papers than you ever have in your life. While every minute of the planning is well worth it, your checklist doesn’t end when you walk down the aisle. 

After you’ve said your vows, celebrated all night and relaxed on your honeymoon, here are the final tasks that will need to be accomplished. 

#1 - Mail Your Marriage License. If your officiant doesn’t mail it for you following your ceremony, you’ll want to make sure this is the first post wedding task you tackle after returning from your honeymoon. It takes time to process and you can’t change your name or update insurance paperwork without a certified copy. 

#2 - Change Your Name. Once you’ve received a copy of your marriage certificate you can change your name (if you so choose). Start with your local Social Security Administration office followed by the DMV. After that, you can notify everyone else. 

#3 - Write Thank You Notes. Etiquette states that you have three months following your wedding to send thank you notes for gifts received. Instead of trying to tackle them all in one sitting, write a few a night and they’ll be done before you know it. 


#4 - Review Vendors. Think about when you were booking your vendors how helpful previous couple’s reviews were. Ask your vendors their preferred site for reviews and share your experience. Be detailed but brief and think about the things you would have wanted to know when you were booking. 

#5 - Decide What to Do with Important and Leftover Items. When you return from your honeymoon, you’ll have boxes of items that require your attention—decor pieces, your dress and other important details. Go through each box and decide if you’re going to sell, donate or preserve the item. After all, you have to make room for the beautiful gifts you received! 

Justin Ayars