5 Ways to Create a Memorable Wedding

Chances are you’ve been to quite a few weddings over the years. They all have similar elements and they might even start to run together in your head. Now that you’re engaged, I’m sure you want to plan a day that’s not only perfect for you but memorable for your guests. How do you do that? 

Here are five ways you can make your wedding day memorable for both you and your guests. 

#1 - Plan more than just the wedding. On your wedding day you get to spend little time getting to enjoy your guests’ company. Between getting ready, pictures, toasts, dances and more, there’s not a lot of time to get to visit with each of your guests. Planning pre and post wedding events like a welcome party or brunch where all guests are invited means you get more quality time together and your guests will remember that. 

#2 - Have good communication with your guests. Good communication is the key to every great event. Make sure your save the dates, invitations and wedding website include not only the necessary information but details your guests would enjoy learning about before the big day. This will make them feel included and increase their anticipation for your wedding. 

#3 - Make them feel welcome. Welcome your guests to your wedding weekend with a welcome basket upon their arrival at the hotel. Include local treats, a list of your favorite nearby spots and something to make the room feel more at home. Following that up with a welcome party is a way to kick your wedding weekend off with a bang! 

#4 - Set the stage with good style. The most memorable weddings focus on the details, not letting anything go by the wayside. Creating a wedding day that’s as stylish, thoughtful and unique as you are will make a lasting impression on your guests. 

#5 - Incorporate personal details. The best way to make sure you have the perfect wedding day that your guests remember for years to come is to incorporate personal details. Focus on the things that make you and your love story unique. Then find ways to incorporate them into the details of your wedding. Doing this creates a wedding that’s as unique as you and one that guests won’t soon forget. 

What’s one way you are going to make your wedding a memorable celebration? 

Justin Ayars