Things Your Wedding Planner Wished You Knew

Unless you’ve been married before, planning a wedding is uncharted territory for every couple. While you might have attended many weddings, until now, you’ve had no clue what went into to planning it. As you start making plans for your big day, you’ll often find that things don’t always go as you imagined they would.   

Mr and Mr wedding sign of affirmation.

As a planner, I’m often asked what my number one tip for newly engaged couples is. While I could share endless tips that could all easily be number one, there are four things that I wish every couple knew. 

 Trust Me. I know how difficult it can be to give up control of one of the most important days in your life to someone you’ve only just met. But, as your planner, I am your biggest advocate throughout the planning process. Each piece of advice I give and decision I make is done in the best interest of you and your wedding. You’ve hired a planner for their years of experience and the talents they bring to the table. Trust them to execute on the vision you’ve created for your day. 

Your perfect wedding isn’t on Pinterest. We believe in planning weddings that incorporate your story into every detail. While Pinterest is full of pretty pictures, it’s not going to help you plan a wedding that’s unique to you. And, when we’re creating something unique there won’t be preexisting pictures to show you. Your planner’s creativity is one of their strongest assets and trusting their vision will result in a wedding more beautiful than anything you’ve pinned. 

Working together is a partnership. Of course, hiring a planner makes the planning a lot less stressful and time consuming for you. However, it doesn’t mean they are going to make every decision on your behalf. There are some tasks your planner can’t do for you like making your guest list or choosing your attire. You still have to be involved in the planning process working in partnership with your planner. 

Your vendors have other clients. As a wedding vendor, we want each and every client to feel like our only client. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have other clients. Sometimes, especially during the busy season, it can take a little longer to respond to an email or return a phone call. Don’t interpret this as disinterest in you or your wedding. Know the delay is because they’re devoting as much time as needed to executing a perfect wedding day for their clients getting married that week just as they’ll do for you. 

Justin Ayars