Stacey & Kathy 

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Stacey Bradford grew up in Wayne, New Jersey. Her wife, Kathy Peck, grew up in Plymouth, Michigan. Stacey is a lawyer in DC and Kathy is an administrative assistant for a security firm. The two met at church and had been together for about two years before getting married on September 1, 2018. 

 For their engagement, Stacey had bought the rings earlier in the year when they had bought the promise rings but was waiting to propose around Christmas time. Stacey came home one evening after work and Kathy said she had bought something for the house and Stacey had to find it. After searching the house and not finding Kathy’s surprise, Stacey gave up and blurted out that she had bought something and hidden it as well. Kathy said her purchase was only $3. Stacey said hers was a lot more. Kathy instantly went on a treasure hunt. After a few hot, colds and warmers, she found the ring! They each proposed to the other, but Kathy got to do it first because she initiated that evening’s festive atmosphere. 

 Their favorite trip together was to Lake Phoenix, VA and they both love sports. They’re particularly fond of college basketball, football, baseball, but they don’t always cheer for the same team, which creates a fun rivalry during game time. They also enjoy playing golf and doing crossword puzzles together. Stacey is a Starbucks fiend and loves learning to play the guitar. They both love seafood, steak and escargot. When it comes to movies and music, Stacy likes The Sound of Music and Sixteen Candles and, being a Jersey girl, loves Bruce Springsteen. Kathy loves The Shawshank Redemption and the Little River Band. 

 Their guilty pleasure is eating ice cream and chocolate while binge watching Netflix and playing puzzles. 

Justin Ayars